About Conference

We look forward to welcoming you in Warsaw for the 2024 European Conference of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA).

The conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on September 19 and 20, 2024 and will be hosted by the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences.

The aim of the conference is to promote and improve the theory and application of the tools of benefit-cost analysis; that is, to have both a research and policy focus and to provide a forum for scientific exchange.

Both theoretical and empirical contributions based on the various methods used to support public sector decision-making, including benefit-cost analysis (BCA), cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, and damage assessment, are welcomed.

All topics related to BCA are relevant, such as non-market valuation, discounting, equity, social policy, regulation, implementation of BCA, and applications to any public policy area, such as environment, transport, energy, aging and healthcare, etc.

Extended abstracts (500 words) and proposals for thematic sessions are accepted through April 30, 2024.

Keynote speakers

Maria Bratt Börjesson – Professor in Economics, VTI Swedish Transport Research Institute, Adjunct professor in Economics Linköping University

Maria Bratt Börjesson is Professor in economics, with focus on transport at VTI and affiliated professor in economics at Linköping University. President of the International Transportation Economics Association (ITEA). Member of the scientific council of the National Audit office. Chair of the Swedish National Scientific Council on Cost-Benefit Analysis ASEK. Member of the board of Nationalekonomiska Föreningen. Member of the scientific council of the authority Traffic Analysis.Currently main supervisor of five PhD students. Editorial Borad of Transportation research A. Editorial Borad of Transportation research B. Her research interests include transport cost-benefit analysis, appraisal and sustainability, transport policy and pricing, public opinions, transport modelling, travel behaviour, gender differences, active mobility and cycling, the impact of the transport system on employment and GDP, survey design, choice experiments, and advanced econometrics for valuation of non-market goods such as travel time, reliability and security. Her work on transport pricing includes research on congestion pricing, fuel taxes, company car fringe taxes and rail track charges. Place 20 on the news magazine Focus’s list of the most cited Swedish researchers in social sciences in 2019. Listed on both of Stanford University’s two list of the two percent most cited scientists in the world: the 2021 list, and the life-time list 1960-2021. Elected Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Tomasz Żylicz – Professor in Economics, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw

Tomasz Żylicz is a professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (UW). He has degrees in Economics and Mathematics from UW and has also completed additional studies in economics and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has worked as a Fulbright Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado in Boulder and as a visiting professor at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. In 1989-1991, as the Economics Director of the Ministry of Environment, he was responsible for the state environmental budget. He also served as a co-author of a major environmental policy reform in Poland in the 1990s. He received the „Pew Scholar Award in Conservation and the Environment” in 1993. He used the award to create the Warsaw Ecological Economics Center at UW. The Center conducts research on economic aspects of environmental protection and hosts fellowships for young scholars. Authored many academic papers, including articles in Environmental and Resource Economics and Ecological Economics. His work focuses on environmental and resource economics and ecological economics. His recent research interests cover the economics of international cooperation.

Local Organizing Committee (University of Warsaw):

  • Co-chairs: Anna Bartczak & Ewa Zawojska
  • Gabriela Grotkowska
  • Bartosz Jusypenko
  • Katarzyna Skrzypek